Monday, April 11, 2005

Were in the World is Maslow? A Tale for Prospective Homebuyers

Where was Maslow when I needed him? Last weekend, I went house hunting. My wife & I currently live in the equivalent of a 1 bedroom apartment and are feeling more than a tad constricted; esp. when considering our desire to have a kid or two. So, we set out on a merry chase to find a house in the Philadelphia area.

One problem that quickly arose was "where" to buy a house? Without disclosing which side favored which value, a duel quickly ensued. One side focused on the security & environment of the neighborhood a home purchase must have. Another side framed the issue as a matter of financial responsibility & affordability. Yes, where was Maslow indeed? His hierarchy, while powerful & concise, while placing values atop the pyramid...didn't further subdivide which values reside at the pinacle, and which at the base, of the top of the hierarchy's pyramid.

How does a couple reconcile conflicting values? Is living in a 'safe' neighborhood important? Sure. Is buying a home that you can afford important? Yup...yet, what if these seem to be mutually exclusive because the only "affordable" homes are located in "less" desirable neighborhoods. Yes, the law of supply & demand is alive & healthy here in Philadelphia.

Where & how do you negotiate seemingly conflicting values? Is there a "unified" theory of values that will subdivide Maslow's hierarchy? I'm still looking...


Blogger Stephen said...

Obviously you need to move to Plano, Texas where you can find both ;)

Hope things work well for your search.

5:39 AM  

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