Thursday, May 26, 2005

Conflicting Church Missions?

Ok, this is more about my inability to plan more in advance than the Ward Calendar than anything else. However, the quasi-purpose is thus: What to do when Church Missions get out of bounds [apologies to the B-52s]?

Today, me and my wife are moving. Our ward has known about the move for several weeks. However, the Ward Temple trip has been on the calendar for...oh, say 6 months. Consequently...we are getting Zero, zilch, i.e. no help moving.

Just goes to show you that church service is not a quid pro quo; if it was, I'd have lots of help because I've been a regular when it comes to helping others move in/out of the ward over the last year. Oh well, I'm sure that vicarious ordinance work is more important than serving your fellow (living) Saints; esp. when one of them is pregnant and can't help out with the moving.

End rant.


Blogger W. Lyle Stamps said...

Addendum: While I think I've posed a legitimate quesion; I also accept that I have the power to deal with the situation...I simply have to work with the free market system and buy the help I need to move. So, 1 possible solution is that there isn't any conflict in Church missions...and I'm just another 'cheap' Mormon.

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