Monday, May 09, 2005

Translating Talent into Talents

How do you Translate Talent into Talents?

Have you ever had the hankering to start your own business, take up a musical instrument, or invent something? Anecdotal evidence suggests that the high bankruptcy rate in Utah may be attributed to a high percentage of families that try to start a business and fail. Demographic & Doctrinal evidence suggests that a higher percentage of Utah families than normal might try this route because they want to provide a two-income equivalent earning potential without requiring the Mother to work outside of the home.

So, what is the hang up? My MBA acquaintances alternate between preaching the need for a business plan to uttering "location, location, location." Personally, my experience says that it has alot more to do with up front investing capital. I can think of at least three different businesses that I'd like to start up. However, as an attorney, I have a good revenue stream that I am very hesitant to endanger or become distracted from.

So...what say ye? Tips anyone? How does one translate 'talent' into 'talents'?


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