Wednesday, June 22, 2005

After Action Review: Following, not crossing, Jordan

So, I guess I've started a trend. I asked for advice re: talks, and now over at BCC, they are trying to get folks to write their talks for them. Go figure.

Anyway, I followed both Jordan and RTs advice. Although, the true failure of the talk is all on me and inadequate preparation.

I didn't talk about fathers; except for holding up a small doll called "the perfect husband," who speaks 6-7 phrases like "We can watch whatever you want honey, here, have the remote." I played 3 of these phrases. Needless to say, my attempt at humor was only caught by a few. I guess sacrament isn't the place for stand-up; oh well.

The main points of the talk were thus:

1. Father's day has been commercialized like Christmas; and we should avoid giving Father's days gifts, esp. when they are purchased on Father's day at some special "sale". To emphasize my point, I even offered to sell copies of my doll after sacrament for those that had forgotten a gift.
2. That parents have a special responsibility to their children, because they are modeling diety to their children, who because of the veil, can't remember what our Heavenly Parents are like.

So, I did talk about Father's some; in the context that they didn't need gifts, I never wanted to get a tie on Father's day, and that parents who fail to provide their children with the right to a loving mother and father like they had in their heavenly home are going to be held accountable; per the PoF. Belated thanks to Kaimi for that point.


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