Thursday, June 23, 2005

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, Pennsylvania Fundraising, and Mormons

So, what is the AZ Governor (Democrat) doing in a PA law firm talking about Mormons?

The answer is simple: Fundraising. Politicians, mainly Democrats, go to law firms for large political contributions. Republicans do the same thing; they just tend to go to groups other than law firms.

Anyway, today my firm hosted the AZ Governor. No clue what her takehome was, but here are a few interesting tidbits from the event:

1. She took a trip to SLC to meet the leaders of the LDS Church. Why? Someone on her staff is LDS, and she recognized that if she was going to be the governor of the State, she needed to understand the Mormons because they are a numerous and politically powerful minority. In her words, "Most of the leaders of the state legislature are Mormons." Hm...why are there no cries that the LDS Church runs AZ politics like there are in Utah? She shared in this in the context of answering how to reach out to "Values Voters." Of course, she then turned around and said she veteod parental consent for abortion laws, etc. Doesn't sound like she learned much in her trip to SLC if the purpose was to gain LDS votes.


Anonymous jay s said...


the Polygamists/Fundamentalists in Colorado City, Az/Hilldale Ut are a big deal right now in arizona. Kind of the issue of choice amoung certain circles. So a lot of her position in going there was to chat about this issue, as well as garnering support from the Mormons.

There are some cries about the undue influence of the LDS church in AZ (see search for Mormon). But this is mainly on the fringe. Arizona is heavily weighted LDS in the rural parts of the state, and since the rural areas get a little higher share of the legislature, you get more mormons in the Legislture. Also LDS aren't a majority population, so no one is as worried about a shadow government.

As far as not learning much, she still has to appeal to the democratic base.

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


thanks for the comments. I didn't know the polygamy issue was big.

re: the base. In her own words:

"I have to get 70% of the independent votes, and 20% of registered Republicans in order to win."

Frankly, as the Democratic candidate she doesn't really have to appeal to her base. They are going to vote for her over the GOP candidate regardless.


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