Monday, June 06, 2005

Church, State & Bill Signing in Texas: A retrospective

Yesterday, the Governor of Texas signed a bill into law requiring parental consent for anyone under the age of 18 to get an abortion.

Yet, the signing wasn't news because of the Abortion Consent bill; but because he "signed" the bill into law in the Gym of the Calvary Christian Academy. One thousand + people celebrated; about 100 outside demonstrated. Sounds like about the right number.

The protestors "denouncing the unusual signing as breaching the constitutional separation between church and state." this so? Was it unusual? Perhaps in the last decade or two, but not in the early days of the country. And it certainly isn't a breach of the separation of Church & State; a widely & hugely misunderstood constitutional doctrine.

First, perhaps those protestors should consider the role of the clergy in winning the War of Independence. Without independence preaching clergymen and their adherents, we wouldn't have won the war. Or perhaps the fact that many government meetings were held in Churches in the early days of the country.

Second, the separation of Church & State, properly understood, only prohibits the _Federal Government_ from _establishing_, i.e. proclaiming, that one Church or many churches are the _Official_ Churches of the country. Any restrictions beyond that are pure judicial activism unfounded by history or intent.

Good on Gov. Perry. I hope he continues to invite people into the political process, and signs bills in other locations. Religion is a part of our society. It shouldn't be discriminated against...anymore that the military, sports, etc.

note: One of the protestors apparently had a sign that said "The Soul Has No Gender." While I have no idea what that has to do with abortion or church-state issues; as a matter of (revealed) fact, it is wrong. The Proclamation on the Family clearly states that the soul has a gender and has had such since our spiritual conception by Heavenly Parents.


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