Friday, June 03, 2005

Last day! My comment to the FEC re: regulating Blogs/political internet activity

Dear FEC:

I support the FEC's proposal to apply a level playing field to all electioneering/campaigning, whether done via the internet or otherwise.

The proposed definition of "public communication" is narrowly tailored to avoid infringing upon the rights of individual citizens to express and share their political views over the internet while assuring that all paid advertising is accounted for, regardless of its ultimate medium of expression. Paid internet advertisements, whether in the form of websites, blogs or email/spam, should carry appropriate disclaimers and self-identifying statements that will allow for correct attribution.

However, I oppose any and all attempts to regulate internet speech undertaken by private citizens where they are not being paid or subsidized by candidates, groups, parties or other entities. Further, and most importantly, under no circumstances should the privately undertaken internet activities of individuals be attributed as a contribution to a party or candidate simply because they promote that candidate or party or attack that candidate's or party's opponents.

W. Lyle Stamps, Esq.
32 Springton Road
Upper Darby, PA 19082


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