Monday, June 06, 2005

An Open Letter to the Editors of the WSJ

Dear Editors:

A discussion at one of the main Mormon [You know, Stephen Covey, John Huntsman, etc] blogs, Times & Seasons, re: photographs, gender & appropriate tasks caused me to wonder if the WSJ has a gender bias. Does it? To see the T&S discussion, the link is here:

Basically, the graphic in Monday's "The Journal Report" on Financial Planners focusing on baby boomer retirment planning, only has 2 women and 7 men. One of the women is sipmly staring forward. Is this the type of image the WSJ has of business? The other woman is in 2nd place, behind a man who is at the very front of the ship of "financial planning." Are you trying to imply that women are genetically risk-adverse and/or always going to be in 2nd place? In todays PC world, you could have put the woman in front and never had to face complaints such as this.

Also, all 9 individuals are wearing glasses? Do you have something against foks with 20/20 vision?


W. Lyle Stamps, Esq.


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