Tuesday, July 05, 2005

NYT Bias Update: Since when is Hillary Clinton a "Star"?

So, you wondered if the NYT was biased? Well, consider this headline and the first line of the article; and decide for yourself. Note, the first line is _the_ most important in a news article; with the 1st paragraph overall being _the_ focus of the story.

New York Olympics Bid Unleashes the Star Power


The last day before the voting brought a new buzz, with New York welcoming Senator Hillary Clinton to the delegation.


Blogger RoastedTomatoes said...


I think Clinton is unarguably a celebrity. Because she is a former first lady, she has a higher international profile than probably anyone else in the US Senate. The BBC World Service, for example, fairly regularly reports on her activities, as it does on other major world figures.

How is it bias to identify as a celebrity someone who is recognized through most of the world as a major figure? Just because she's a Democrat doesn't mean the media should fail to acknowledge her high profile--or does it?

5:49 AM  
Blogger W. Lyle Stamps said...

RT: No, but a "high profile" does not a star make. The line between politician and star should be a fairly stark one; all too blurred of late.

1:35 PM  
Blogger RoastedTomatoes said...

I'm not sure I understand. Do you mean to argue that politicians shouldn't be seen as celebrities? Or that celebrities shouldn't be politicians?

In any case, Hillary Clinton seems objectively to be both a celebrity and a politician. She's almost inarguably the most recognizable face in the Democratic party today--and almost certainly the most recognizable face that New York City had available in its push to host the Olympic games. If I'm correct in these statements, then it is hard for me to understand how identifying her as a star would be an example of journalistic bias.

10:33 AM  
Blogger W. Lyle Stamps said...


When the NYT writes an article and attributes Stardom to Bush 43', then I'll buy your argument. Esp. as he is the most "recognizable" face of the GOP currently.

3:06 PM  

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