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How Anti-War Protestors (Mothers or Not) Harm Soldiers: The "BS" behind "supporting the troops"

Part I: Anti-War Protestors Harm Soldiers

Ms. Sheehan: Go home. Your grief is causing grief and harm to your son's battle buddies. You are failing them when your son didn't. Don't dishonor his memory.

Recently, there has been a public discussion about the Iraqi war due to the actions of a mother of a soldier who died. Today, I saw a sign by a soldier's brother asking Pres. Bush to bring his brother back home. Anti-war activists are strident in stating that they "support the troops." However, the evidence is clear that they actually harm the troops. What evidence?

Namely, a nice story in todays WSJ; along with several pieces in the MSM that talk about how so many soldiers coming home are having trouble adjusting/need mental health counseling.

Why do they need counseling? Why do they have post-traumatic stress syndrome?

The answer is also fairly simple: Killing or witnessing killing is _the_ most traumatic event that can occur during life. There is a reason that _murder_ is the unforgivable sin after all. Murder consists of taking away the agency of another of God's children from them.

Soldiers kill. But do they murder? Absolutely not. However, anti-war protestors, such as Ms. Sheehan, et al., claim to support the troops while simulataneously undermining the reasons why the Iraqi War is just.

Bush lied people died. Ok, maybe so. However, when you say that, you need to accept responsibility for creating a climate of guilt for returning soldiers who have killed and witnessed killings. While we lack "scientific" studies to this effect, returning troops from Iraq verify that it is very troubling, psychologically, to see holes in bodies and body parts blown off of bodies.

Soldiers who have witnessed deaths, or killed, are more prone to develop Post-traumatic stress syndrome than those that did not while in a "war zone". To paraphrase Maj. Kilner, who is the subject of the WSJ story:

[We, society, the media, the American people] need to help soldiers who are carrying otu lawful orders know that feelings of guilt after combat are natural, are not "a sign of moral culpability or mental weakness" and that there actions were justified.

Sum: Soldiers aren't murderers, and telling them that the war isn't justified only increases their latent guilt for having to take human life in order to: obey orders, save their own, save the lives of Iraqi civilians, and protect the fragile Iraqi democracy.


Blogger jeff g said...

"Bush lied people died. Ok, maybe so. However, when you say that, you need to accept responsibility for creating a climate of guilt for returning soldiers who have killed and witnessed killings."

So let me get this straight. The person who lied in order to send soldiers out to witness people dying isn't the one responsible for facilitating such negative issues. It is actually those who don't want the soldiers exposed to such things' fault? Is that it?

If a soldier performed his duty in following orders and doing what he was trained to do, as these protestors believe, then how does it become murder for that soldier when we question the those who gave the orders. Either way, the soldier are not guity of murder and if they can't see that then that's their issue, not the protestors.

4:12 PM  
Blogger Brett said...

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8:38 AM  
Blogger Brett said...

Your argument made no sense at all. I have waisted 3 minutes of my life reading it and I am a dumber man for doing so.

8:40 AM  
Blogger John W. Redelfs said...

Our fighting men are heros, but the civilians who sent them to invade a country that had no connection with the attack on 9-11 or weapons of mass destruction are murderers, pure and simple. The Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants clearly outline God's only authorization for waging war: self-defense. And that was clearly not the case in the invasion of Iraq.

Who is more guilty of this hideous war crime, Bush or those who continue to support him? I don't know. But I do know that our fighting men in the field are giving their lives for our country and deserve our highest respect, admiration and love.

I strongly deny that those who are anti-war are failing to support our troops. The monsters who sent them there are the ones who are failing our troops.

An anti-war conservative,

3:00 PM  
Blogger Patrick Blaine Stamps said...

Man, you guys still just do not get it, do you?

I am an avid X-Files watcher, so you would think that I would see conspiracy written all over the "invasion" of Iraq, which was well-dubbed "Operation Iraqi Freedom," for such has it brought.

Was it really so evil, and was it really an "invasion"? Sure, the terrorists (especially the imports) think so, but what about a majority of the citizens of Iraq?

Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think that the scriptures provide a prohibition from using force for liberation of oppressed people, which is the exact reason we were given the Gospel, which without said freedom could never have the chance of enjoying or living.

One other note: Saddam's regime was considered a threat, no matter what we "know" or think that is known now. Just because hindsight may be seemingly 20/20 (or in your cases 15/20, since you seem to know all), it doesn't change the facts, no matter how hard against those pricks you want to kick.

I do understand, however, that you want retribution, and the only way you can do that is by missing the whole picture and running straight to speculation and slander, and getting caught up in all of the hype.

I don't believe that President Bush is evil, or that he intended evil in ordering our troops into Iraq. It also seems that most of the people in Utah must have felt the same, given the high percentage of the vote he got during re-election. One would hope that most of us would have recognized that there was no scriptural basis in either campaign and would have voted Kerry:)

Furthermore, I don't believe that Heavenly Father will hold him responsible for the lives lost in this campaign. I honestly don't.

It's a good thing that the Lord is the judge! You can take that whichever way you want, as one day we will know the truth.

*The truth is out there.

*May not be available in all areas. Void where prohibited.

12:09 AM  

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