Thursday, August 11, 2005

I'm a Poser, Not a Skater

Which puts me in good company, aka Tony Hawk. Ok, even that doesn't 'fly' becuase he would drop in from 65'. The largest I've ever done was 18' (I think, although to a teen, it might have appeared larger and only been 12'). Personally, I don't understand 65', let along 80'.

When I was a kid, I enjoyed skating; except for the fact that my younger brother was 10x better than me; and was actually sponsored at one time. I often wonder how good I would have become if sibling envy hadn't sidelined me. I'll let my bro speak for himself.


Blogger Patrick Blaine Stamps said...

Danny Way is amazing... and I thought when I was 14 and liked to ollie off of 12' drops I was crazy!

Sorry my brother, but 18' was definitely your perception. The tallest you ever rode was 12' and you never dropped in... I never dropped in on that ramp either, and didn't on any 12' until I was 13 at Mike McGill's Skate Park in Encinitas, CA, at the urging of an H-Street amateur with blonde dreads named Ryan something.

Now I'm too busy, fat, and out of shape to do anything spectacular, though I can still impress even professionals on a good day...

8:22 PM  

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