Monday, September 19, 2005

Advertising for the Adversary: Google Ads in the Bloggernacle

So, without naming names, I ran across the following in a google ad in a prominent bloggernacle site:

Out of MormonismTools for reaching LDS (Mormons) with the true Christian

Now, I have no idea whether bloggers are making any cash out of the ads, and some folks feel that being an equal opportunity advertiser is a good thing (i.e. no discrimination _against_ pro-Mormon sites), I don't agree. If I did do ads, I certainly wouldn't deal with a site that requires all ads to be accepted. The one above is just simply wrong (nor is it the only one, I'm just providing a sampling).

How does one feel about advertising wolves to the flock?
My guess is that folks don't care and feel that "their" readers are more sophisticated and can deal with such. Maybe so, but it certainly doesn't look right.


Blogger Dave said...

Lyle, I'll make you a deal: You explain what "Conflict, Consensus, and Cash" means, and I'll explain my ad policy.

12:27 AM  
Blogger Patrick Blaine Stamps said...

Does that mean that you're the guilty party, Dave?:)

Let's lay out a scenario here, though not a typical court scene:

A resurrected Priesthood holder is brought before the Bar of God. The Judge asks for witnesses and one comes forward. This witness explains that he/she was surfing the friendly waves of a Brother in the Gospel when the current was directed to shark infested waters, which course change landed him/her into a whirlpool that resulted in drowning.

Here we'll shorten the story and say that one of the Everlasting Burnings is not going to fly over to this "Priesthood holder" and touch his lips with a live coal to purge his iniquity.

We can use our imagination further to think about what the sentencing will be for such deceptive treachery.

We are all varying intelligences with differing strengths and weaknesses. Personally, I wouldn't tolerate it for the simple fact that it is Satanic (Okay, maybe I should just say "adversarial" for those who may be offended for the Word's sake) and because it's simply wrong.

In this layman's terms, "It just ain't cool." That's a very big understatement, FYI.

11:56 PM  
Blogger W. Lyle Stamps said...

lol...never let it be said you don't have a sense of humor dave.

9:42 AM  

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