Wednesday, October 12, 2005

How Wide the Divide: Will Catholics Become Protestant? Wither the Mormons...

On an interesting NPR program the other day, two "dissident"/reform-minded Catholics from "Voice of the Faithful," a Philadelphia group of upset Catholics, suggested that:

1. Since the laity provided over 90% of the Catholic Church's operating income, they should have a say on how the Church is run; and
2. Since the U.S. has a "democratic bent," in the population, that the Catholic Church in the U.S. should be more open to letting the laity make decisions.

The biggest complaints seem to be that folks are angry about cover-ing up abuse allegations in the Philadelphia Archdiocese and that funds are often used to build new churches, gymnasiums, schools, etc. rather than to help the poor.

So, my question: If the Catholic church bowed to these types of "reform" demands...would they be much more than uber-Protestants?

Wither the Mormons?

I also laughed because similar arguments have been made about the LDS Church, i.e. that we should be more democratic, should open the finance books of the church to auditing, etc.

To which I say:

I'm Mormon, not Catholic or Protestant. When God wants the books open...they'll be opened. When he wants the laity, as opposed to his chosen Servants making more decisions...the changes will be made. Until then...I'm happy that crazy arguments about who provides the money and "corporate" reform don't have traction in our religious culture.


Blogger Andy said...

When the church bought the mall across from the temple with my tithing money I felt like I would be safer shopping in THAT mall and no other.

9:19 AM  
Blogger Patrick Blaine Stamps said...

As I bend my hand back in resemblance of what the Brasilians call "Bicha," I have to say that you're just simply degenerate, Andy.

It's obvious that you have some issues and you're angry, very angry. With this in mind, a visit to your site will more than likely make your "guests" feel sorry for you instead of your desired intent... "Little Pig, Little Pig..."

Just remember, no matter what anyone says out there (which it sounds like it's come out of your mouth more than once), "No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing..." In this case, that very unhallowed hand just happens to be yours and I don't care if you want to kick against the pricks and try to talk your smack and say whatever you want about Latter-day Saints because of what you now "know." I've been on the other side (though sadly for you I'm not talking about being a switch-hitter batting for the other team) and it's definitely not the side I want to be on come the Great and Terrible Day of Jehovah's rath.

Until then, enjoy your wrath-inspired and unrighteous indictments and judgments.

To comment on the blog entry, the time will come when some will want to defile The Lord's house by sealing men to men and women to women. I'm sure those in favor will want a vote on that one.

12:08 AM  
Anonymous john f. said...

lyle, where are you now? I have lost your email address.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Doug & Laurel said...

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6:54 PM  

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